How to Avoid Costly Housing Mistakes During and After a Divorce

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Divorce is never easy, and one of the most important decisions is what to do with the house.

A divorce's impact on your home, mortgage, and taxes makes other emotional decisions easier. Most people going through a divorce find it helpful to have non-emotional, straightforward, specific information and answers so they can make logical vs. emotional decisions based on neutral, third-party information.

The first decision for many is whether to stay in the house. Familiar surroundings can bring comfort and emotional security, but they can also evoke unpleasant memories. Is it more important to you to minimize change by staying put or to have a fresh start by selling your home and moving?

Each person's answers will be unique, but the decision-making process will almost certainly have financial implications. Can you afford the current house? Or should I sell and buy? You have what? Can I refinance? How much house can you afford now?

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